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2nd Workshop on Proximity Perception in Robotics at IROS 2019

IROS 2019 / 08.11.2019 / Macao, China

The research institutes KIT – Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany), Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt (Austria), Inria (France), University of Tokyo (Japan) and JOANNEUM RESEARCH ROBOTICS (Austria) organized the “2nd Workshop on Proximity Perception in Robotics” at the IROS 2019 – the worldwide well-known IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems. As flagship conference in the field of robotics and the biggest international event for researchers, companies and end-users the IROS 2019 took place in Macao (China) from November 4th to November 8th, 2019 with more than 3500 attendees.

The “2nd Workshop on Proximity Perception in Robotics” followed up on the workshop last year at IROS 2018 on this topic. Beyond that, the scope of themes was expanded by bio-inspired robotics and speakers that have started to work in the field more recently, were invited. Therefore, this was an excellent opportunity to further increase the visibility of this field, which is still unknown to many, and to consolidate the community that is being formed around this subject.

The inspiring talks of the invited speakers, Nikolaus Correll (University of Colorado at Boulder), Hansruedi Früh (F&P Robotics AG), Jelizaveta Konstantinova (Ocado Technology), Frédéric Boyer (Ecole des Mines de Nantes), Norbert Druml (Infineon Technologies AG) and Akihiko Yamaguchi (Tohoku University) clearly did highlight the importance of proximity perception for the robotics community. The interactions during the panel discussion made it obvious what the scientific community has to contribute to make the technology more attractive for the industry. One key aspect is to demonstrate the capability of the sensor technology in real industrial use cases.

Workshop website: www.proxelsandtaxels.org


Announcement of the 2ndd Workshop on Proximity Perception in Robotics at IROS 2019

IROS 2019 / 08.11.2019 / Macau, China

The 2019 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2019) will be held on November 3 – 8, 2019 in The Venetian Macao, Macau, China. IROS is one of the largest and most impacting robotics research conferences worldwide. It brings an international community of researchers, educators and practitioners to explore the frontier of science and technology in intelligent robots and systems, and discuss the latest advancements in this fast growing and exciting field.

The Workshop on Proximity Perception in Robotics want to highlight what benefits Proximity Perception can offer to robotics, especially to those unfamiliar with it. Another important aspect is the networking within the community as well as bridging the gap to the industry.

Detailed information: https://www.proxelsandtaxels.org/en/

Pitch Session at the Infineon Open Innovation Day

#LetsCluster Conference / 27.03.2019 / Graz, Austria

On March 27, 2019 the Silicon Alps Cluser and Infinion Technologies AG invited for the Open Innovation Day, which took place in the context of the #LetsCluster conference at Messe Congress Graz. This cutting-edge event focused on the latest and greatest developments in human-machine interfaces (HMI) and provided a perfect platform for start-ups from all over the world to present new ideas and concepts. A 5 minute pitch session offered a great opportunity to present the CapSize project to an expert audience. The pitch sessions were introduced by Infineon’s CTO Sandro Cerato, who presented the vision of Infineon in future Human-Machine Communication technologies.

CapSize @ JOANNEUM RESEARCH Zukunftskonferenz 2019

JOANNEUM RESEARCH Zukunftskonferenz / 13.03.2019 / Graz, Austria

JOANNEUM RESEARCH invited to the annual Zukunftskonferenz on March 13, 2019 at the Messe Congress Graz. This year’s event had the general theme “Entrepreneurship” and provided the 700 participants not only an overview of the company’s research landscape but also an insight into the exploitation and market implementation of research.

CapSize was nominated for a Best Performance Award in the category “Highest project volume of a project coordinated by JR started in 2018” and was explained to the conference audience by project manager DI Dr. Stephan Mühlbacher-Karrer. Moreover the project was presented at the ROBOTICS exhibition stand. Conference visitors were able to try out for themselves how the developed perception sensors enable intuitive interaction with the robot by means of hand gestures.

CapSize presented gesture-based robot interaction approach at LOUNGES2019 Karlsruhe

LOUNGES2019 / 04.02.-08.02.2018 / Karsruhe, Germany

The LOUNGES2019 exhibition in Karlsruhe, Germany, was a 3-day event on cleanroom technology. Several major companies in cleanroom technology and measurement processing presented their recent products. The Silicon Alps Cluster offered its members the opportunity to present different topics regarding cleanroom technology on their exhibition stand. In this regard the CapSize project team had the chance to demonstrate the gesture-based robot interaction approach as a poster session during the whole event. Although in cleanrooms and pharmaceutical applications robots still do not have such an acceptance as in other industry fields, the gesture-based interaction was well received. Moreover possible applications for the CapSize approach could be found in clean rooms, e.g. in double door systems to avoid contamination.

1st Workshop on Proximity Perception in Robotics at IROS 2018

IROS 2018 / 01.10.2018 / Madrid. Spain

News release: ROBOTICS organized IROS Workshop

Workshop website: www.proxelsandtaxels.org

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